About Safeway…

The president of Mr. Hong has founded Safeway Machinery Industry Corporation in 1985. At the beginning, the company mainly manufactured Drill Index Head and in 1986 produced its first Lock-down Jaw Mechanical / Hydraulic Machine Vise. These preliminary products were immediately well accepted by customers for their good quality and stable hydraulic pressure characteristics.

By the time when CNC machining center industry was moving fast in Taiwan, Safeway started designing its first MC Compact Mechanical / Hydraulic Machine Vise specially for CNC machining centers. The brand new product was launched successfully the following year. Local and international customers’ impression were great. From then on, Safeway focuses on innovation and development.

“Innovation and Service Comes First”, it is the attitude that Safeway is upholding. With rich experiences on manufacturing precision vises and clamping devices, entire technician team of Safeway has led the way to develop full range of products suitable for distinct industries, being a foundation for high precision machine vise industry in Taiwan and gradually becoming one of top manufacturers of CNC precision vise.

In order to offer the excellent services for customers, we started to research the “NC Rotary Table” in 2006 and be developed in 2009. At the same time, we showed the “NC Rotary Table ” at the TIMTOS SHOW which got a very good imperssion.

Upon the Taiwanese industry of high precision machine vise, Safeway was the FIRST manufacturer who has continuously achieved the Taiwan Excellence Awrds in 1996 and 1997. After these achievements, safeway got a great reputation in this market. In 2010, MV series products achieved the another Taiwan Excellence Awards and Taiwan SMEs innovation award. Safeway consistently developed a variety of products to meet fast- growing market demands.