How should we do if hydraulic vise lost its function?
  • Please try to re-fill oil by yourselves if your vise just bought within 3 years or not frequently using (Please contact us for manual).
  • If it still cannot work that your vise has been used for more than 3 years or already tried to re-fill the oil, please contact us or your agent for repair .

It clearly indicates the scales on Power mechanical vise, please try to follow the steps, please do not over load by hammer or other tools. it will be broken.

Our product proceed examination before shipping, please try not to dissemble the part by yourselves. Please contact us, we will help you to solve the problem.

Please make sure of table size of the machinery (X/Y axis), required opening range, required clamping forces, any special manufacturing on jaws or vise?

It can be divided into mechanical / hydraulic / power mechanical / pneumatic vise by clamping forces.

Please try to provide more information for us so that we will help you on selection of vise.

Currently, our factory locates in Taiwan and our product have been distributed to more than 30 countries. If you need any information of distributors, please contact us.