1985Safeway Machinery Industry Corporation was founded by President Hong in Qingshui District, Taichung city.
1989-1990CHV-100, 130, 160, 200 Hydraulic machine vise launched, as FIRST machine vise specifically for CNC machine center.
1992Due to increasing production requirement, factory was refurnished and extended at site.
1994DV-100, 130, 160 full specification launched and designated for the technical competition of Taiwanese Vocational schools.
1995Precise tooling blocks launched, as FIRST manufacturer specifically for tooling blocks.
1996MC Pneumatic quick vise : PQV, awarded Taiwan Excellence Award of 1996.
1997MC Compact Mechanical / Hydraulic Vise : CHV and MC Compact Vise : CV awarded Taiwan Excellence Award of 1997.
2000Cooperation with Trimos Swizterland.
2001.01.01Due to continuously increasing production requirement and sale volume, new factory was expansion built in Kuan-Lien Industrial park, Wu Chi Dist in 2001.01.01.
2003.11ISO 9001 Certificated.
2004FMS Mechanical / Hydraulic / Power vise full specification developed. Especially super long vise with opening ranges from 300mm-1100mm.
2006SIT indexing table launched, table size from 450 ~ 1500mm.
2008NC Rotary Table 170/217/256/322 launched, adopted large bearing, maintain stable and high precision.
MV YES VISE launched
2009NC Rotary Table 400/500/630/800 launched.
2010MV YES VISE awarded Taiwan Excellence Award of 2010 and Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.
2011NC Tilting Rotary Table launched, adopted large bearing, maintain stable and high precision.
MTL Multiple clamping vise ( single / twin position) launched.
2015FAS Machine vise specifically for 5 axis rotary table used.
2019Drill grinding machine with adjustable chisel edge and three face drill launched.

Equipment and Facilities